Pick up NEPA

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litter -  noun - lit·ter | \ ˈli-tər \


a: trash, wastepaper, or garbage lying scattered about, trying to clean up the roadside litter

ban untidy accumulation of objects, a shabby writing-desk covered with a litter of yellowish dusty documents— Joseph Conrad

Luzerne County is proud to announce that they are now part of the multi-county campaign that started with the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau named Pick Up the Poconos.  A press conference was recently held in Wilkes-Barre to provide details on this initiative. 

Multi County Anti-Litter Coalition - Visit Luzerne County and Discover Lehigh Valley have taken interest in the Pick Up the Poconos program, and are willing to jump on-board to spread awareness in their regions, creating a multi-county anti-litter coalition. Other organizations such as Keep PA Beautiful and Discover NEPA have offered their support and assistance, as well. Anti-littering television messages will be run across in the Pocono Mountains, Luzerne County, and Lehigh Valley. The added destinations will look to take on the anti-littering program and adapt it to their location. These seven counties all recognize that littering has dozens of negative impacts, but are primarily looking to make the following impacts:

  • Make the environment clean and green for future generations
  • Create a positive impression on visitors to the region, which puts more money into the local economy
  • Reinforce the concept that “tourism cares” and that it gives back to the community
  • Produce a higher sense of pride in the community

For comments regarding the Luzerne County area, contact: Theodore B. Wampole, Jr., Executive Director, Luzerne County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Theodore.Wampole@luzernecounty.org, 570-819-1877 ext. 6331

For comments regarding the Pocono Mountains area, or Pocono 3C, contact: Brian Bossuyt, Executive Vice President/CMO, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, bbossuyt@poconos.org, 570-534-4543

For comments regarding the Lehigh Valley area, contact: Alex Michaels, President & CEO, Discover Lehigh Valley, alex@DiscoverLehighValley.com, 610-882-9200